Mitchell Cantrell is a session stylist and educator that is on a path to help revolutionize the education system for creatives whilst expressing his creativity and vision through hair and wig design. Mitchell has explored 4 of our 7 continents in efforts †o expanding his perspective on life, fashion & culture.  When not aboard Mitchell is either investing in advanced education or teaching hairstyling workshops across North America. 




Hair Stylist

"The category that best represents my aesthetic would be Edgy Elegance." Edgy elegance taps into the modern tousled textures while emulating classic silhouettes."




"My educational goals for 2018 is to strip away the pressure of hopping hurdles and breaking down barriers. The Fresh Start Workshop experience creates a safe space for stylists to be aware of what is right in front of them without the pressure of external demands or expectations. The Fresh Start Workshop helps hairstylists re-discover their current strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge of customizing hairstyles.